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"If we carry intergenerational trauma (and we do), we also carry intergenerational wisdom. It is our genes and in our DNA."
-Kazu Haga
About Me

Nadine Tilma MC, RCC, CCC

My name is Nadine Tilma (she/her) and I specialize in queer,  feminist, anti-oppressive and trauma-informed approaches.


At the core of my work is a passion for healing wounds of intergenerational trauma for Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC), holistic approaches to mental wellness, and the decolonization of eurocentric healing practices.

I take pride in approaching therapy from a creative lens and lean heavily on art, somatic, and movement therapies, as well as emotion-focused, narrative, mindfulness, EMDR, transpersonal, and family systems theories. My skills and approaches tend to work best with clients who are ready to engage in deep healing.

I value collaboration, safety in all forms, the embracing of our whole selves, creativity, individual differences, honesty, empowerment, playfulness, connection and the healing of the collective.


I have been particularly honoured to walk with folks on their journey in navigating the violence of structural oppression to their own paths of healing and liberation. I have witnessed the incredible change possible in individuals when they feel safe, heard and have access to their sense of agency. Each of us have our own stories and, together, I hope to support you in creating your own healing paths through therapy.  My guiding belief is that each person is an expert in their own life, and my role is to support you in building on the strengths, resources and resiliency that inevitably exist within you. I am available for counselling both in English and French.

Wellness Services
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Individual Counselling

I offer one-on-one counselling that can focus on many areas, including:

In-Person or Virtual Care: You can access sessions with me both in-person for nature-based walks in "Vancouver" , by phone or online through a secure application.

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Healing Circles

We walk in the footsteps of those who came before us, and will become ancestors to those who come after us.

Tremendous gifts of strength, hope, pride, joy, brilliance, and resilience are in each of us and our lineages and can be nurtured through community healing. In these healing circles, themes such as healing, mental health, ancestry, collective care, joy and connection will be explored with vulnerability and creativity.

Healing Circles
Image by Chris Abney

The rates for online or in-person one-on-one counselling are as follows:

$140 + GST per 55 minute session
$205 + GST per 85 minute session

Please contact me regarding information or rates for future healing circles.

I am committed to make counselling accessible for lower income folks. I offer a certain number sliding scale spaces if finances are a barrier for you. Please contact me to discuss the sliding scale option or to be wait listed.

First Nations Health Authority - I am a registered provider with the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA), Health Benefits Program. If you are eligible, some of our counselling sessions may be covered. For more information, please contact me, or visit the FNHA eligibility page.

Nisga’a Valley Health Authority - I am a registered provider with the Nisga’a Valley Health Authority (NVHA). If you are eligible, some of our counselling sessions may be covered. For more information, please contact me, or visit the NVHA eligibility page.

Get in Touch

If you would like to book a free 15 minute consultation with me, you're interested in the next Healing Circle, or have any other questions,  feel free to send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

***Please note that I am currently at capacity and will be reopening my intakes in December 2024.

Thanks for submitting!

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